At Spectrum, we are always driving to deliver innovative geophysical survey solutions to our clients. Since 2018, we have been testing, developing and evolving our unmanned aerial magnetometer capability to support our proven nearshore marine UXO survey capability.

The year 2023 marks the introduction of the latest AeroMAG® UAMS; capable of detecting UXO in both land and marine environments, it adds greater capability to our existing geophysical survey services.

Offering a 2.6 metre wide high sensitivity and lightweight configuration with nominal survey speeds in excess of 5 m/s, the result is a more efficient survey over a longer flight time, providing increased ability to detect objects at greater range, or over deeper water.

Our track record of delivering efficient aerial magnetometer surveys over large challenging areas compared to conventional methods is resulting in faster surveys and happier clients.

Please feel free to get in touch if you think it can help reduce risk on your next project on land or over shallow water.


AeroMAG® Unmanned Aerial Magnetometer (UAMS)

 A sneak peek of some data collected with our AeroMAG® Unmanned Aerial Magnetometer (UAMS) system over two test objects.

This residual total field example shows the results from only a single magnetometer flown at an altitude of 8 metres above ground @ 5 m/s survey speed and a 6 metre sensor spacing.

The data shows the ability for the system to detect potential UXO at considerable distances, enabling the platform to fly higher, or the water to be deeper.

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New Drone Kit

Spectrum have invested in two of the newly released DJI M350 RTK systems to support our intertidal and land-based photogrammetry and AeroMAG® surveying capabilities.

The kit is already in the field collecting cable landing data using nadir and oblique photogrammetry techniques to ensure full coverage of the cliff line.

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Kentish Flats and Thanet offshore wind farms

We've won a contract with Vattenfall!

Mobilising Spectrum 3 from Ramsgate, we'll be surveying both the Kentish Flats and Thanet offshore wind farms:

- Thanet will have a multibeam and side scan sonar survey
- Kentish Flats will have a multibeam and backscatter survey

Throughout the campaign, we will acquire high resolution and high-quality bathymetry, backscatter, and side scan sonar data to allow for the ongoing monitoring of the seabed conditions. This includes seabed mobility, scour and cable free span, and exposures at both sites, covering all Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) locations, Inter-Array Cables (IAC) routes, and the Export Cable Route (ECR) at Kentish Flats.

Spectrum 3 is a Bureau Veritas Classed MCA Category 2 coded workboat and has been purposefully adapted to operate as a dual–purpose survey/crew transfer vessel, combining fast transit speed with a stable survey platform.

We can't wait to get started! 

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Spectrum 4 has arrived!

Spectrum 4 is our newest crew transfer/survey vessel and has:

  • BV Classification
  • 23.3m LOA
  • 2,900 horsepower
  • Capacity for 12 passengers and 3 crew
  • 8 tonne deck cargo capacity
  • Survey capability


3,000 days without a Lost Time Incident (LTI)!


  • 4.3 million minutes
  • 72,000 hours, or
  • 8.2 years

of keeping everyone safe and supported.


Kittiwake Artificial Nesting Structures

Spectrum completed the geophysical surveys for this scope and we are proud to be part of a project that supports further research and protection of this vulnerable species.

The structures are being installed for the protection of the black-legged kittiwake throughout the construction of the Hornsea Three offshore wind farm, making this project the first of its kind.

Read more at:

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South Fork Offshore Wind Farm, Rhode Island

his month, we’ll begin supporting  Ørsted  and  Eversource Energy  with geophysical surveys during the construction of the South Fork Offshore Wind Farm off Rhode Island’s coast.

Operations include:

  • Boulder clearance surveys
  • Scour assessment surveys
  • Pre & post jack up surveys
  • Cable depth of burial surveys
  • Dredge monitoring
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Oakhaven Hospice

Spectrum recently donated £500 to  Oakhaven Hospice , a very worthy cause.

The funds were raised through staff exercise efforts, where for every 10 km cycled, and every 5 km ran or walked, £1 would be donated. Over 5,500 km were covered in 2020 by the Spectrum team.

We will continue to support Oakhaven Hospice in 2021.


Intertidal Magnetometer Surveys 

The Spectrum team have recently completed an intertidal magnetometer survey to identify existing infrastructure, including a buried pipeline. The survey involved using both marine and aerial magnetometer methods and marked the inaugural commercial flight of our new AeroMag™ system.

This system utilises RTK positioning with the latest MFAM™ caesium magnetometer technology from  Geometrics Inc. , sampling data at 1000 Hz, making magnetometer data acquisition over these shallow intertidal waters areas faster, more accurate and easily accessible.

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London Wreck Survey

Spectrum recently carried out a high resolution multibeam survey of the London wreck site on behalf of MSDS Marine.

Located in the Thames Estuary, London was a Second Rate ‘Large Ship’ built in Chatham in 1656 during the Interregnum. She is known for having formed a part of the English Squadron sent to collect Charles II from the Netherlands and restore him to his throne in an effort to end the anarchy which followed the death of Cromwell in 1658.

The London was blown up accidentally on passage from Chatham in March 1665. Approximately 300 people are thought to have died.

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Westermost Rough

We recently completed a support survey for  Ørsted ’s Westermost Rough Offshore Windfarm, using our vessel, Spectrum 2.

We are proud to continue providing survey support for Wind Farms on the North-East Coast of England.

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Borssele Offshore Windfarm

Using Spectrum 2 we recently completed a project providing construction support surveys for  Ørsted 's Borssele Offshore Wind Farm.

Once completed Borssele will be the largest offshore windfarm in the Netherlands

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MHO Grimsby 

To carry out our construction survey support role on  Ørsted 's Hornsea Offshore Windfarm survey equipment has been mobilised on the dedicated project vessel MHO Grimsby, to meet the highest project specifications.

Paul Duncan, Ørsted Geoscience Construction Manager for HOW02 said: “We are pleased to be working with UK-based Spectrum again. The benefits of having a dedicated survey vessel on location is that it will provide the necessary support for our construction teams who will be working across the project from nearshore to offshore.”

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Hornsea Two

Spectrum have been awarded the 24-month construction survey support contract on  Ørsted ’s Hornsea offshore wind farm. This will see Spectrum Geosurvey provide Hornsea Two with an “on-demand” geophysical survey capacity.

Jess Hanham , Spectrum commercial director said; “The contract award continues Spectrum’s excellent reputation in supporting major offshore wind farm construction in North-Western Europe. We are delighted to secure another long-term contract allowing us to further invest in new technology and our highly skilled work force.

Spectrum look forward to continuing to provide their services in support of the offshore wind industry and working closely with Ørsted and their Geoscience team”.

Hornsea Two is set to become the world’s largest offshore wind farm once complete, providing green electricity to well over 1.3 million homes once complete.

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Spectrum 1 Completion 

Spectrum Vessel Services have recently invested in their vessel, Spectrum 1. 

They have upgraded the engines and gearboxes so she now runs even more efficiently. This combined with a new interior and modernised windows means she looks great inside and out!

A big thank you to Alicat Workboats Ltd for making this happen. We are really pleased with the results!


Spectrum 2

Spectrum 2 has recently completed multibeam and side scan sonar survey operations in support of two major offshore windfarms off the North East Coast of England.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Spectrum are proud to be working on key infrastructure projects. 

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SS Spaarndam Wreck Survey

Spectrum have recently carried out a high resolution multibeam survey of the SS Spaarndam Wreck located in the outer Thames Estuary.

Built in 1919, the SS Spaarndam was a passenger/cargo ship. On 27th November 1939, while en route from New Orleans to Rotterdam, she struck a mine. She was manoeuvred onto a bank and set on fire. Seven lives were lost.  

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Spectrum Intertidal Surveys

Spectrum have recently used a new tracked Gator setup to carry out a beach survey.

This unique vehicle was mobilised with our UAV navigation technology alongside other equipment. Combined with a traditional, vessel based multibeam element provided by Spectrum Geosurvey, this allows us to seamlessly survey the entire intertidal zone; a region that is notoriously difficult to access!

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Spectrum 1 Refit

Our vessel, Spectrum 1, is currently undergoing a major refit at Alicat Workboats Ltd. After 5 years of service she is undergoing a well earned transformation to improve her joint CTV and survey capabilities. We are excited to see the end result and for her to recommence her CTV and survey workscopes. 

If you think our vessels could suit your requirements for survey/CTV, get in touch!


Hornsea Project One Offshore Windfarm Completion


After 18-months our work on Hornsea Project One, set to be the world's largest offshore wind farm, is complete. 


EEEGR Southern North Sea 2019 Conference

Our director, Adam Cross, recently spoke about addressing the issue of survey in the intertidal zone and the benefits offered by UAV direct georeferencing and magnetometry for UXO detection


UAV Magnetometer Surveys


Our solution combines the latest Geometrics Inc. UAV-deployable magnetometer with our in house developed DG-1 positioning system and has the capability to perform UXO surveys in areas that are difficult to access.



UAV Direct Georeferencing with Applanix 

Applanix Corporation h ave released an integration story on Spectrum UAV's survey grade direct georeferencing system. Check out the full article below.

Spectrum are specialists in in high resolution, high accuracy survey data acquisition. Spectrum UAV are now able to offer Direct Georeferenced (DG) Photogrammetry data using our own in house developed DG System.


Welcome Spectrum 2!

Spectrum Vessel Services have recently added a new vessel to expand our fleet – the Spectrum 2. Spectrum 2 is a dual-purpose utility vessel designed to support our existing contracts and looking to expand our services further.

The Spectrum 2 will offer a wide range of services including hydrographic and geophysical survey, crew transfer, oceanographic monitoring and more! If interested in the services we’re able to offer feel free to send us an enquiry email at:

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Spectrum awarded 5 year contract with London Array OWF

Spectrum are delighted to announce the successful award of contract for the combined crew transfer and survey services for London Array windfarm for the next 5 years.

Spectrum have closely worked with London Array over the past 5 years to provide the highest quality geophysical datasets and crew transfer support services to ensure the smooth operation and performance of one of the World’s largest windfarms.
Jonathan Duffy, General Manager of London Array said:

“The team at Spectrum Offshore have had a longstanding involvement with London Array and I am pleased the relationship is now set to continue for a further five years. The company will be providing a range of high quality services to support our Operations and Maintenance team, from high resolution bathymetric surveys to crew transfer. Their ongoing support will help ensure the continued success of the wind farm.”

We look forward to working closely with London Array over the coming years. 

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Spectrum awarded their first UXO survey

Vattenfall have recently awarded Spectrum their first unexploded ordnance (UXO) survey in Danish Waters. The coastal geophysical surveys are to assist with Vattenfall's development of the Vesterhav Offshore Wind Farm projects on the west coast of Jutland.

Spectrum will utilise their geophysical and hydrographic expertise to provide a shallow water dataset consisting of high-resolution multibeam echosounder, backscatter, magnetometer and parametric sub-bottom profiler.

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Spectrum have been awarded the offshore construction support survey contract by Ørsted on Hornsea Project One Offshore Wind Farm

The survey work is being conducted aboard the Crew Transfer Vessel, Rix Leopard. Spectrum have mobilised their in-house, custom designed survey installation to accommodate high resolution multibeam echosounder, parametric sub-bottom profiler and USBL systems.

Hornsea Project One is located 120km east of the Yorkshire coast, and will become the world’s largest offshore wind farm when it becomes operational, expected to be in 2020.

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Spectrum completes survey on West of Duddon Sands Offshore Wind Farm


Spectrum have successfully completed a debris clearance survey prior to jack up operations taking place on West of Duddon Sands offshore wind farm.

The survey was conducted using the Njord Lapwing , which Spectrum Offshore have mobilised for Ørsted with their multibeam echosounder and sub-bottom profiler systems to support the construction phase of the Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm.

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Spectrum support Ørsted on Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm


Spectrum have been tasked with supporting boulder clearance operations on the Hornsea Project One (HOW01) export cable routes.

The multibeam survey was conducted using the Foryd Bay , which Spectrum Offshore have
mobilised with a multibeam echosounder and USBL system.

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