A Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) is a specialised type of vessel designed for the transportation of personnel to and from offshore installations, such as offshore wind turbines, platforms, and other structures located in open waters. Their design allows them to approach and dock with offshore structures, such as wind turbines, which larger vessel may find challenging. CTVs play a crucial role in the logistics and operations of offshore industries by facilitating the safe and efficient transfer of personnel between the shore and offshore sites.

Spectrum's fleet have been purposefully modified to accommodate a geophysical survey capability without compromising their original CTV design. 

Our fleet range in size from 16 m to 23 m, can operate in adverse weather conditions with a capacity for twelve passengers.

Spectrum operate their vessels using their ISO 9001, 18001 and 45001 Accredited Business Management System supported by Marad, a  DNV-GL type approved  vessel management software for maintenance, inventory, certificates, safety, crewing and QHSE.

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