Spectrum Vessel Services


Spectrum Vessel Services Limited, incorporated in 2014, provides vessel based marine solutions to the offshore renewable sector.

From our origins as ship owners and operators, Spectrum Vessels Services has developed an operational expertise in supporting our clients with their vessel requirements. Over the past nine years Spectrum Vessel Services have been trusted on 80 projects by 30 clients. These projects have been conducted in the offshore wind, marine aggregate, port authority and rail sectors respectively across the UK and north-western Europe working for clients ranging from Energy companies to port authorities.

Our vessels have a proven track record conducting the following tasks:  



Spectrum own and operate the Spectrum 1, a dual-role hydrographic/geophysical survey and crew transfer vessel (CTV).

Spectrum 1 is an aluminium Vigilante class workboat, capable of both 12hr and short duration 24hr operations.

The vessel has been comprehensively modified for hydrographic/geophysical survey and also dive operations while retaining its original full complement of crew transfer capabilities.

Together with its size and relatively shallow draft, the vessel has great flexibility in a number of different applications.

The vessel is certified for 12 passengers and 3 crew so therefore can carry out combined survey and crew transfer operations.

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Crew transfer

Spectrum offer a comprehensive crew and cargo transfer service.

Our highly trained and experienced crew ensure that your team are delivered to the site safely.

We tailor our capabilities to meet the challenges faced by clients working in the marine environment, with a focus on safety, reliability, flexibility and cost efficiency.

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Wave buoy/AWAC

Spectrum own and operate the Spectrum 1, which has been specially modified for wave buoy and sea bed frame deployments.

A reinforced deck plate and winch combined with a stern hi-ab crane allows for easy deployment of heavy mooring equipment.

All deployment methodologies are supported by risk assessed method statements that form part of our OHAS 18001 certified Business Management System.

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Special projects

Spectrum are able to accommodate services outside the scope of many other crew transfer vessels.

Our highly motivated team are proactive in finding innovative solutions to the challenges our clients experience in the marine environment.

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Vessel charter

The Spectrum team have a wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts in the marine industry.

We are able to charter in and manage a broad range of vessels to conduct various roles in the offshore industry, whilst being managed under our own Business Management System ensuring they adhere to our stringent QHSSE standards.

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